*NEW* Boxed Marbling Kit


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We are pleased to say that we have decided to continue to sell our special boxed marbling kit. They contain everything you need to start marbling with the exception of a tray (but we would suggest a cat litter tray as these make brilliant marbling trays) and a small sponge and some jam jars to mix your paint in.

The marbling supplies are presented in an A4 Kraft box which has a hand marbled lid, each one different and one of a kind!
They would make a lovely gift for anyone with an interest in art and craft.

The marbling kit contains the following:

25 sheets of A4 paper: a mix of both cream and coloured sheets (the coloured sheets being a little heavier stock)
100g of powdered Carragheen Moss
50g of Alum Crystals
Printed Instructions
4 Winsor and Newton Designer Gouache Tubes, 14ml in a selection of colours
2 Bamboo Stylus'
4 Fan brushes
3 Pipettes
A pair of latex Gloves
A dropper bottle containing ready-mixed 'Expander'
A marbling comb with two sets of teeth to give different patterns

Shipping within the UK will be £8.50 via UPS couriers
Shipping Internationally will be via Royal Mail
Please allow us a week or so to put the kit together for you.

Please note: If you are purchasing several items of different sizes and shapes you may find the postage comes out high, this is to cover the possible need of having to despatch in more than one parcel. Please do contact us though if you find this to be the case, as we can often lower this.
01225 790560