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Set of 12 Luxury Assorted Hand-Marbled Ceramic Baubles with ribbon


Due to the interest in our Hand Marbled Ceramic Baubles I have decided to create a listing for a set of 12.
Trade customers should order from this listing and please place your order before the end of July 2018.

The baubles will be assorted, meaning you will receive a mix of different colours and designs, if you order 2 sets of 12 then the majority of the baubles will be different again.

The baubles are approx. 8cm tall.
They have a circumference of approx. 25cm.
They weigh approx. 75g

Each bauble has been glossed by hand to give a lovely shine and really bring out the colour.
The metal tops of the baubles are gold coloured and have been threaded with Berisfords velvet ribbon in a colour that compliments the bauble.

As we are selling these as a box of 12 we are able to offer these at a more discounted price than our single, gift boxed baubles we offered prior to Christmas (more of the individual ones will be available at a later date for customers who are looking for single baubles).

These will not be individually gift-boxed, they will be wrapped and packed securely and sent via courier which in the UK will be via UPS.
For International orders please email me first for a quote and if you are happy I will add your country to the shipping list.

These will all be specially made when we receive your order so please allow us several weeks to make these for you (depending upon the numbers of orders we receive we may need to order more of the ceramic blanks which may slightly add to lead-times as we await delivery - we will notify you if this is the case.

Please note that we cannot make up specific patterns and colour-ways to order.
Photographs are as a guide only, you will not receive these exact colours and designs.
Thank you for your interest.