*NEW* Special one-of-a-kind bundle // 10 hand marbled papers


Image of *NEW* Special one-of-a-kind bundle // 10 hand marbled papers

Photo should only be used as a guide, your bundle will not include these sheets here.

We have had such a good response to our one-of-a-kind papers that we produce but are aware at the same time that they do sell out quickly and its not always practical for everyone to be able to purchase them as soon as they are available, especially due to International time zones!

We are therefore delighted to introduce these new bundles which contain the types of special, unique and one-off papers like the ones you see listed as the single one-of-a-kind sheets on the website.
This will be a handpicked collection of some of our most unique, special and interesting papers and we hope it will give you a better chance to obtain some of these types of papers.

Some of these will be on coloured base paper and will incorporate metallic paints.
As you may well have seen from our listings many of the designs are more contemporary and abstract so please do not expect many traditional designs and palettes (please see our assorted bundles)

Please be aware that we will not be able to take into account any personal preferences / dislikes for these bundles, we will just try to include a good and varied selection for you which we hope you will enjoy, plus there is the lovely element of surprise!

All sheets will be approx. 510mm x 750mm and 120gsm or 135gsm.

Whilst we will be adding to our new pile of special papers as frequently as we can please note that these will not be available for immediate despatch and depending upon how many orders we receive at any time we may need up to 4 working weeks.

UK orders will typically be sent via UPS courier.

NOTE: International customers: please do not order more than 20 sheets of paper per order as this cannot be sent economically via Royal Mail Tracking / Signed. Instead please place staggered orders to receive papers on a more regular basis. Alternatively please contact us prior to order via the contact page.