Marbling Matters 1-2-1 virtual Mentoring Sessions with Jemma Marbling

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Image of Marbling Matters 1-2-1 virtual Mentoring Sessions with Jemma Marbling

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These sessions are open to all, Worldwide but please read below regards possible timings for video chats.

If you are too far away for a workshop or would like to chat more generally 1 on 1 about your own marbling and any problems you might be having you can now book a short session with me.

These are not physical in-person sessions, they will be held as per the following:

These marbling sessions can be either 30 minutes or 1hr if you would like face-to-face video chats and can either be via WhatsApp message, Instagram DM's, WhatsApp video calling, FaceTime or other.
If you prefer, I can simply be on hand via text, whatsapp or Instagram DM’s to help you through any difficulties, offer advice, watch or share videos and generally have a back and forth correspondence to help you progress.

You can select your preferred length via the drop-down options below.
I will then contact you via email so we can discuss what you might like to cover, how you would like to chat and a mutually convenient time and date.

(Note: any video chats via WhatsApp or Skype will most likely need to be late afternoon weekdays whilst I'm in the studio, but I can be very flexible with message chats).

I can talk you though any problems you might be having and all the better if you can demonstrate. Like-wise I can also demonstrate anything you might be interested in as any video calls will take place in my studio.

I am a big advocate of using the right supplies to get the right results.
If you do not have the right supplies you may never achieve exactly what you want and for this reason we always advise people purchase provisions directly from us first. It's much easier for me to help you trouble-shoot when I know you are using the correct materials at the outset.

I have had nearly 15 years of marbling experience and have marbled nearly 100,000 sheets!
We have helped many people over the years through our 1-2-1 and group workshops and look forward to extending our options to help people through these new sessions.

If you have any questions about the sessions or would like to find out more please email me.