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Bundle of 9 x 1/2 sized 1st Quality Hand Marbled Papers


9 x Hand Marbled First Quality Papers comprising of;

1 x Brown, Orange Spot on Buttermilk Base Paper 120gsm.
1 x Dhalia Style Paper. Grey spot on Red and Yellow Vein. Pink Base Paper 135gsm.
1 x Blue Modern Floral. Buttermilk Base Paper 120gsm.
1 x Spanish Ripple. Slight Ripple effect in creamy yellow spot with brown, green and yellow veining on Buttermilk base paper 120gsm.
1 x Purple and Brown Spanish Ripple on Buttermilk 120gsm.
1 x multi colour Spanish Ripple.
1 x Intricate comb Feather Pattern with subdued palette of red, brown, blush pink and the Buttermilk base paper 120gsm showing through.
1 x dark veins marbled paper of Purple, brown, & greys with buttermilk spots showing through. 120gsm.
1 x candy pinks modern fantasy swirl on buttermilk 120gsm paper.

Approx sheets sizes: 510mm x 470mm SG.

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